Classic, Black and White Love Tree Ketubah
Classic Love Tree Ketubah
Our Price: $239.00

Welcome to my art studio, thanks for stopping by. I paint modern ketubahs for contemporary couples. What’s a ketubah you ask? A ketubah is a prenuptial agreement originating in the Jewish wedding tradition. It’s kind of like marriage vows expressed through both words and visual art. So whether you spell it ketubah, ketuba, or katuba, it’s important that you love your ketubah art almost as much as you love each other, because it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Do you have to be Jewish to get a ketubah? Not at all, it’s a beautiful tradition open to all. Even Prince William and Kate Middleton got one! All the ketubahs in my studio can be created with a variety of texts including Interfaith, Reform, Orthodox, Egalitarian, Conservative, and Anniversary or you can even write your own! I support equal rights for all who love each other to get married, so all of my wedding contracts are available with Same-Sex text options. Working with couples from all walks of life and all corners of the globe is my absolute favorite thing to do. It is my goal for every bride and groom to have the ketubah of their dreams. Have a question? Emails make my day, so don’t be shy, knock on my inbox, or give me a call at +1 (847) 777 9275! Mazel tov! ---- Anna