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On the ______ day of the week, the_________ day of _____________ in the year_______________, corresponding to the__________ day of____________ in the year ____________, here in ________, the bride, ____________________, and the groom, _________________________ joined before family and friends to affirm their commitment to each other as husband and wife, partners in marriage.

Our lives are now forever intertwined. Our similarities will bind us, our differences will enrich us, and our love will define us. We will celebrate all of the passages of life together with joy and reverence. In times of happiness we will cherish each other, and in times of trouble we will protect each other. We promise to be faithful partners, to honor each other, to share our hopes and dreams. Together, we will create a home where our traditions are celebrated with honor, and where the values of our families are nurtured and passed on to our children. We willingly enter into this covenant of companionship and love: from this day forward, we are as one. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.

Our commitment to each other seals this document.

Text Copyright Anna Abramzon 2015