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Hi, I’m Anna. Let me tell you a bit about how my studio came to be.

They say I started drawing before I started walking, but I think that’s just a rumor. It is true though that I don’t remember a time before wanting to be an artist. I didn’t even apply to regular universities, for me it was art school or bust! I got my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which pretty much sealed my fate.

After college, I moved to New York and after that to Jerusalem, Israel. I met my husband, Patricio (who is from Argentina), shortly after making Aliyah to Israel. The first ketubah I ever painted was for my own wedding. I felt so inspired by my new surroundings, coupled with my new found romance! It was only natural to channel all this inspiration into art. I didn’t come from a background of creating “Jewish art." In fact I had always been a figure painter. I think it was this new approach to Judaica that got other people interested in my work. After our wedding, I started getting calls from other couples, friends and friends of friends, asking if I would create ketubahs, invitations and other wedding artwork for them. And that’s how AA Studio was born.

I create modern, whimsical ketubahs with an urban twist. My artwork aims to capture the spirit and beauty of traditional Judaica, while combining it with a fresh, contemporary perspective. I love to create custom artwork! Do you want a ketubah or invite that is conceived and painted just for you? If you are interested in some wedding art that will be unique just for your family, please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions. My email is AnnaAbramzon@gmail.com and I am always at your service, with a smile.

Patricio and I live in Houston, Texas with our daughter, Alma, who always keeps us on our toes. You can see more of my artwork on my porfolio site: www.AnnaAbramzon.com